CPEC Economic Corridor! An Open Gate of Success for Investors

CPEC Economic Corridor

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a huge & profitable project for the growing economy of Pakistan and this project has a win-win proposition for Pakistan and the region. However, the CPEC has faced many criticisms and negative publicity since its inception from countries that feel threatened by the rise of Pakistan and China. Investment in future projects depends largely on the assessments of their potential, negative narratives could make it difficult to realize the full potential of the CPEC.

A Huge & Successful Project

CPEC is one of the biggest projects in the history of Pakistan, that turn Pakistan’s economy to the rise. The only economist expects Pakistan’s economy to 25th in 2025 & 20th in 2030, which could be a huge success for us. A layperson couldn’t differentiate between foreign loans and investment and how it turns our economy. Investment in CPEC’S any sector will bring tremendous success for your business and generate huge profit. CPEC is a large business hub not for the investors of Pakistan, also for the foreigners as well.

Eliminate the External Debt Liability

In CPEC out of the $63 billion, about $48 billion will be in the form of investment in commercial projects by Chinese companies in Pakistan, which will surely decrease the external debt liability for Pakistan. Which means Pakistan’s loan would be only about $15 billion in the following years.

CPEC’s Covered Areas

CPEC cover major areas including 1. Gwadar Port, 2. The energy sector, 3. Transportation, 4. Infrastructure & industrial sector.  All these covered areas by CPEC’s achieve win-win results and fast track development.  CPEC is a medium to long term investment, where China-Pakistan will explore & expand their cooperation fields into financial services; tourism, declining unemployment, and poverty along with modernizing city structure.

Industrial & Investment Hub

By carrying out industrial cooperation, both sides will achieve mutual win-win results. The two sides have identified two industrial cooperation projects, namely Haier-Ruba Economic Zone (2006) phase II and Gwadar Free Zone. China is willing to provide high-quality industrial development for Pakistan and encourage reputable & strong Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan. Pakistan after in-depth research on the location and industrial zone, provide preferential policies, support & services for this zone. Pakistan also encourages its investors to invest in it and generate manpower and huge profit for the economy of Pakistan.

Open Gates for Investment

CPEC is one of the biggest projects in Pakistan, CPEC accompanies many strong investors from both sides. CPEC invites investors to make an investment, while commercial or industrial and make it more strong and successful. It’s an open hub for anyone to invest in it and make money and build his future with CPEC. New investors can take advice from the pioneers in CPEC and start their own investment in CPEC. 100% ensured successful investment in CPEC was recorded nationally or internationally.

National & International Recognition

It is one of the biggest projects ever in the history of Pakistan, which gained international success.  This project is engaging all segments of the media and academia to publicize the importance of the CPEC at the national or international level to help the people to understand that its trickle-down effects will raise the living standards of the common people of Pakistan. CPEC highlights on national or international level attract many strong investors from all over the world, their investment in CPEC’s not only bring profit for them but also increase the living standard of surrounding people of this reign.

China Investment in CPEC

China invested in the CPEC at a time when Pakistan faced severe energy crises, which slowed its economic growth and increased extremism and terrorism. The CPEC energy projects will or have almost ended the decade-long chronic electricity shortfall within a few months. Chinese invest in CPEC to boost the economy of Pakistan and decrease unemployment and energy crises.

One Corridor & Multiple Passages

One corridor & multiple passages, aiming to benefit the economic and social development of all regions in Pakistan and also provide effective connectivity to Gwadar port. Enormous efforts are being made to advance road connectivity in the western parts of Pakistan, and the Chinese cooperating with the Pakistani’s to create favorable conditions for attracting investment in western and northern parts of Pakistan.

CPEC will play an important role in the future to promote economic development and already uplifting the living standard of the common people of Pakistan. This project is opening the gates of success for investors to make their investment secure and profitable for the future.

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