M-5 Motorway! A Project of CPEC that Completed Before Deadline

M-5 Motorway

Every project that comes under the CPEC umbrella have been completed within time, this shows the work dedication of CPEC’s. The recently launched Sukkur-Multan Motorway is one such example, which has been completed 13 days before its deadline. This project is a huge success of China-Pakistan economic corridor, which brings tremendous and huge benefits for the local community of surrounding areas of M-5 in term of their socio-economic progress. The M-5 is a part of Peshawar-Karachi Motorway, which is longest CPEC road network in Pakistan.

M-5 is the core and very important part of Peshawar-Karachi that charged up the local industries and other businesses. The approval to start the 392-km long route was granted in July 2014, as it is a part of the CPEC, the government of Pakistan awarded the contract to China State Construction Engineering. M-5 was inaugurated under the CPEC umbrella on May 6, 2016, and construction work started in August 2016. The completion of CPEC’s M-5 Motorway project reflects the commitment and dedication of both Pakistan and China towards the Endeavor. M-5 helped to cover the distance and cut it almost in half the travel time from almost 7 hours to around 3 and a half.

The Routes of M-5

M-5 route cover following areas: Jalalpur Peerwala, near Bahawalpur, Uch Sharif, Tarinda, Iqbalabad, which move towards Ubaro and Pano Aqil completes its journey at Sukkur near Rohri. The Sukkar-Multan highway having 54 bridges, River Sutlej is one of them.  M-5 have  12 service areas for riders, where they stay and take rest or check their vehicles before moving further.  The driver and passenger can also eat and drink while staying at resting areas at the motorway.  Alongside the motorway you could have interchanges, flyovers, and around 426 underpasses.

M-5 Sakkar-Multan Route

M-5 Reduce the Travel Time to Half

It is a successful project of CPEC that brings huge benefits for the local community and reduces their travel time.  If you moving from Sukkar toward Multan it takes 6 hours to complete the distance, now it took 3 and half hours to complete the total travel time. Sukkar-Multan motorway reduces travel time which is a huge advantage for riders who ride on a daily basis. This project will shorten the travel time, and comparatively less fuel will be used causing less emission of greenhouse or other hazardous gases.

Reduce Travel Time

Economic Uplift

The M-5 will bring huge economic benefits for the local community or residents. This will be the first-ever motorway where services lanes have been constructed on both sides of the road. Farmers will easily ride and bring their crops and other commodities toward the other side or sell it in the main market. This project has played an important role in local community development and progress and also employed many people. This project will increase the workforce and the country’s economy. M-5 also generate revenue in the form of taxes. This project will employ more than 30,000 people, which belong to the local community from the surrounding areas.

Economic Uplift

The estimated date for M- opening for the public is 1st October 2019. For more updates and information visits Michni.com Pakistan’s growing online property portal. Add and find the latest properties on the go.


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